Our Story

It all started when Kevin Ware broke his leg during a basketball game, I prayed to God to give me an idea that would help all people and give it to me thru a friend. The next day my friend called me saying he had a dream we started a movement helping people find their purpose. A week later Kevin got back in town we went to visit my grandmother in the nursing home. The nursing home got so excited when Kevin and his friends showed up and asked if the group could throw a Party. Kevin and Jamon Brown signed autographs, other friends played the piano, and others greeted the elderly and it was so much fun. That’s when we realized everyone has a PURPose and giving back was fun. We decided to call ourselves the Purp Team, standing for People Uplifting Real People, our Purpose in life. A few college friends having fun visiting nursing homes, turned into a social movement and Purp was born.

-Jason J Reynolds-

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