Uplift Someone Today

Uplift someone today. Use your talents and gifts to encourage someone or demonstrate acts of kindness in your community. Not sure where to begin? Think simple, and just start by:

  1. Giving someone a hug.
  2. Using positive words to inspire or motivate.
  3. Uplifting someone with prayer for or with them.
  4. Smiling kindly at a stranger.
  5. Buying someone else’s meal.

Project Uplift

Get your church, school or social group to do a project to uplift people. Remember that your choice to produce inspiration and encouragement can not be a political project.  If you are looking for a team in your area or want to start one contact us and we will get in touch to get you started today! 

Purp Rally

Bring a PURP rally to your school or organization! Hear amazing stories from a variety of speakers and encourage your peers, just by allowing and introducing them to others who are eager to share their stories and talents in their community. Contact us today!


Purchase PURP gear or share our information to get your friends involved on social media. You can follow us and be apart of our journey to get involved in your community. Check out our facebook, instagram, or twitter account. 

wanting to get your organization involved?
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